Making Moves

With the realization that I only need two classes (both offered online) to complete my business minor requirements, I toyed with the idea of enjoying my last semester at Ohio University as a part-time student. While the thoughts of reading books on the sandy beaches of Strouds Run State Park or exploring parts of Athens not yet conquered seemed to be ideal, I know that my overachieving personality would quickly bore. So, I began my search for a social media internship to keep me busy and entertained. Continue reading


On To Bigger and Bluer Things

After much debate, I decided that it was time to update my resume. Due to the creative nature of my field, I felt that I could get away with adding a little bit of spice to a typically boring document. I chose that particular shade of blue mainly because it is my favorite color, but also because blue is traditionally a very calming color. Further, blue is considered to be trustworthy, dependable and committed and what more appropriate of a color to include on your resume!

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